Re: [AMBER] Trouble Installing Amber on Mac

From: David A Case <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 08:25:11 -0400

On Sat, Oct 12, 2019, Faisal Malik wrote:
>I have tried multiple attempts at installing Amber on my mac. I have
>downloaded Amber and completed almost all steps in the installation
>process, but when I run the command: "./configure -macAccelerate clang”
>and I get the following error:
>Error: Unable to compile a Fortran program using gfortran -fPIC -O0
> Please check your compiler settings and configure flags.

I'm sorry you are having problems. The above is not an Amber error, but
is the result of trying to compile a simple 3-line fortran program, just
to check if your Fortran compiler is working.

Apple does not provide a default gfortran compiler, so you have to get
it, following the instructions at It's
not clear from your email what you have done in this regard.

If you are following the suggested instructions, "which gfortran" should
return "/usr/local/bin/gfortran". Here is the program that the system
is trying to compile:

      program testf
      write(6,*) 'testing a Fortran program'
      end program testf

You will need to consider carefully exactly what you did to install
gfortran, and see what (if any) are the error messages you get when you
try to compile the program above. If you can't figure it out, please
provide all fortran-related information, along with the version of OSX
you are using.

...good luck....dac

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