[AMBER] tleap hangs when tries to read new residue

From: Dawid das <addiw7.googlemail.com>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2019 19:09:05 +0200

Dear Amber Users,

I have a protein which contains a modified amino acid (SYN) that is
covalently bonded to both proceeding and following natural amino acids.

Now, I have the parameters ready for SYN so I put them into
the parm99.dat file. Also, I have defined the SYN in my library
file (all_amino94ildn.lib) together with all the other amino acids.

When I run
tleap -f tleap.in > tleap.out

it hangs while loading the amino acids library:
Loading library:
Loading: ALA
Loading: ARG
Loading: ASH
Loading: ASN
Loading: ASP
Loading: CYM
Loading: CYS
Loading: CYX
Loading: GLH
Loading: GLN
Loading: GLU
Loading: GLY
Loading: HID
Loading: HIE
Loading: HIP
Loading: ILE
Loading: LEU
Loading: LYN
Loading: LYS
Loading: MET
Loading: PHE
Loading: PRO
Loading: SER
Loading: SYN

It always happens at this stage. I have tried to create a separate
library for SYN residue and use loadOff but then I get an error message
saying that atom types for SYN are unknown even though I have defined them.

What could be the source of this issue?
I attach my tleap.in file.

Best wishes,
Dawid Grabarek

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