[AMBER] regarding amber licensed version and free version.

From: Seketoulie Keretsu <sekekeretsu.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2019 01:06:48 +0900

Dear AMBER users,

I know this is a trivial question but I am confused about the difference
between licensed and free version. So please bear with me.

>From what I understood from the documentation is that amber serial versions
are free (example Sanders) but the parallel versions such as pmemd (used in
multiple processors and GPU) are licensed and paid by users. So if I don't
have a license, I have to run the production MD with sanders in serial even
if I have multiple cores or GPU on my systems. Is that assumption correct ?
Could someone please clarify.
Getting confused with the sanders, pmemd, pmemd.mpi, etc


PS. I have read the documentation and installation manual but couldn't
figure out.
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