[AMBER] Amber 18 installation

From: Sunita Patel <sunita.patel.cbs.ac.in>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2019 15:21:58 +0530

Dear users,

I tried installing Amber 18 as end user in HPC. However, could not
installed Amber18 which I already mentioned in the mailing list. Then I
asked system admin of HPC to install it for me.

They tried installing with Intel Compilers 2015, using intel mpi 4.1 and
encountered the following errors.

Request for help to solve it.

-------------------------------------snippet of error------------------

ibpme_standalone.h(389): error: function call must have a constant value in
a constant expression static constexpr long double epsilon = 10.0 *
<long double>::epsilon(); libpme_standalone.h(2174): error: namespace
"std" has no member "runtime_error" throw std::runtime_error("Unexpected
complex eigenvalues encountered while making shape matrix.");
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