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From: Dylan Tasse <catrixs01.hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2019 14:41:45 +0000


I'm writting to you today because I need some precision about the parameters in Amber ff14SB.

I gave you on this email a screenshot of page 8 and 9 in the supporting information of amberff14SB which discribe the parameters of ff14SB.

On page 8 and page 9, you can see the amino acid PHE and TYR. They say that the bÍta carbon "CB" is a atom type of 2C as you can see (I highlighted in red for more clarity).

But in fact, on amberff14sb, it is still an atom type of CT when I compare...

So my question is: Why did they not change the atom type? Is that an error ?

Thank you some much for your time and have a great day


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