Re: [AMBER] Error: No data sets selected - Problem or not?

From: Gustaf Olsson <>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 12:34:07 +0000

I did not think about that.

The fact that the Error was reporten at the exact same place in several different analyses made me think this was somehow intended, though you are quite right, I am conducting the evaluation on a server and the working node is separate from the login so I am logging the output to a file. This would explain the behaviour and I assume that the “problem” is that there is no data to analyse, hence nothing wrong with the input/output!

Thank you for this insight, you learn something new every day!
// Gustaf

On 9 May 2018, at 14:25, Daniel Roe <<>> wrote:


On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 7:15 AM, Gustaf Olsson <<>> wrote:
What does make me a bit intrigued though is the fact that this error, in al my evaluations that show this error, always occur after processing 90% of the trajectories.

So this is actually due to how the different output streams, STDERR
(standard error, where cpptraj writes all error messages) and STDOUT
(standard output, where cpptraj writes everything else), are handled
by the underlying OS. As I understand it, usually STDOUT is buffered,
while STDERR is not. So what I think is happening here is the error
message is getting written before the STDOUT buffer is being flushed.
Due to the extreme delay between the messages I assume you're
redirecting output to a file - I think file redirects are fully
buffered, while TTY output is line buffered. So if you were to just
run the same script and watch the output, the error message should be
closer to where you expect (I think).

Hope this helps,


Here is where I get to thinking, is this error really reported just because there are no interactions detected? Because from my end, that is the explanation that seems most likely after checking every I/O file used for several of these analyses reporting an error. In that case, should this error not preferably occur after processing 100% of the trajectory data? Otherwise it seems odd to just ignore any data in the last 10%.

Before bombarding you with a couple of thousands of lines of output, I’ll attach some select lines from one such run and my input, if you need more then let me know. In essence, what I am wondering is the following, is my conclusion regarding the lack of data being the root of this “error” correct. In that case, why is the error generated before processing all the trajectory data.

Thank you for any input in advance
Best regards
// Gustaf

My input:

  parm ../om1mtr.prmtop
  trajin ../nvt1ns.mdcrd
  trajin ../nvt100ns.mdcrd
  hbond S1 series out series_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out \
  donormask :MO1.N donorhmask :MO1.H \
  acceptormask :BRT.O3 \
  avgout average_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out nointramol
  runanalysis lifetime S1[solutehb] out lifetime_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out

My logged run output:

CPPTRAJ: Trajectory Analysis. V17.00
   ___ ___ ___ ___
    | \/ | \/ | \/ |

| Date/time: 05/08/18 17:51:42
| Available memory: 44.618 GB

INPUT: Reading input from 'hb_brt_o3_mo1_h.ptraj'
 [parm ../om1mtr.prmtop]
       Reading '../om1mtr.prmtop' as Amber Topology
       Radius Set: modified Bondi radii (mbondi)
 [trajin ../nvt1ns.mdcrd]
       Reading '../nvt1ns.mdcrd' as Amber NetCDF
 [trajin ../nvt100ns.mdcrd]
       Reading '../nvt100ns.mdcrd' as Amber NetCDF
 [hbond S1 series out series_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out donormask :MO1.N donorhmask :MO1.H acceptormask :BRT.O3 avgout average_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out nointramol]
 HBOND: Donor mask is :MO1.N, Acceptor mask is :BRT.O3
       Separate donor H mask is :MO1.H
       Only looking for intermolecular hydrogen bonds.
       Distance cutoff = 3.000, Angle Cutoff = 135.000
       Writing # Hbond v time results to series_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out
       Writing Hbond avgs to average_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out
       Time series data for each hbond will be saved for analysis.
---------- RUN BEGIN -------------------------------------------------

0: om1mtr.prmtop, 23712 atoms, 2166 res, box: Orthogonal, 2166 mol

0: 'nvt1ns.mdcrd' is a NetCDF AMBER trajectory, Parm om1mtr.prmtop (Orthogonal box) (reading 500 of 500)

99: 'nvt100ns.mdcrd' is a NetCDF AMBER trajectory, Parm om1mtr.prmtop (Orthogonal box) (reading 500 of 500)
 Coordinate processing will occur on 50000 frames.

ACTION SETUP FOR PARM 'om1mtr.prmtop' (1 actions):
 0: [hbond S1 series out series_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out donormask :MO1.N donorhmask :MO1.H acceptormask :BRT.O3 avgout average_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out nointramol]
       Set up 100 acceptors:
       Set up 306 donors:
       Imaging off.
       Estimated max potential memory usage: 6.123 GB
----- nvt1ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----
----- nvt2ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt3ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt4ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt91ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----
90% Error: No data sets selected.
Error: lifetime: Could not add data sets.
       1 errors encountered reading input.
Error: Error(s) occurred during execution.

----- nvt92ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt93ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt94ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt95ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt96ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt97ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt98ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt99ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----

----- nvt100ns.mdcrd (1-500, 1) -----
100% Complete.

Read 50000 frames and processed 50000 frames.
TIME: Avg. throughput= 927.2248 frames / second.

   HBOND: Actual memory usage is 0.000 kB
       0 solute-solute hydrogen bonds.

DATASETS (1 total):
       S1[UU] "S1[UU]" (integer), size is 50000

DATAFILES (2 total):
 series_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out (Standard Data File): S1[UU]
 average_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out (Avg. solute-solute HBonds)

TIME: Init : 0.0002 s ( 0.00%)
TIME: Trajectory Process : 53.9244 s ( 99.92%)
TIME: Action Post : 0.0007 s ( 0.00%)
TIME: Analysis : 0.0000 s ( 0.00%)
TIME: Data File Write : 0.0430 s ( 0.08%)
TIME: Other : 0.0000 s ( 0.00%)
TIME: Run Total 53.9683 s
---------- RUN END ---------------------------------------------------
 [runanalysis lifetime S1[solutehb] out lifetime_hb_BRT_O3_MO1_H.out]
Warning: 'S1[solutehb]' selects no data sets.
TIME: Total analysis execution time: 0.0001 seconds.
TIME: Total execution time: 54.4226 seconds.
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