[AMBER] cpptraj long writing queue

From: Simon Kit Sang Chu <simoncks1994.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 16:03:49 +0800

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the suggestion by Batuhan Kav, now I proceed to extract frames
from my mdcrd to restart files. I used the following command in cpptraj :

cpptraj step2.prmtop
trajin npt.mdcrd
trajout test restrt onlyframes 1

Unfortunately, there is neither restart file created in my directory, nor
could I leave cpptraj due to a warning.

There are actions/analyses/trajectories queued. Really quit? [y/n]>

I am only outputting a single frame and I did not expect that it takes so
long. My mdcrd file only contains 10 frames. Has anyone experienced this
problem before? Did I mistakenly give the wrong command?

Thanks in advance.

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