[AMBER] Problem regarding compiling in cpptraj with openmp

From: Saikat Pal <saikatpaliitg.yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2018 06:54:54 +0000 (UTC)

Dear all,
I would like to install Cpptraj with openmp.So I have followed these steps:1)   ./configure -openmp  gnuthen it shows this error:
ERROR: RISM and PBSA FFT solver require version 4.3 or higher of the GNU compiler.
       Please re-run configure with the '-nofftw3' flag to use this compiler:
            ./configure -nofftw3 -openmp gnu
Configure failed due to the errors above!

Then I have followed this command:2) ./configure -nofftw3 -openmp gnu
It shows :Error: NetCDF C compile failed.
    Check /home/sandipp/AMBER14/amber14//AmberTools/src/netcdf-4.3.0/netcdf.c.compile.log
    for errors.

Then I have checked the amber archive
Then I have followed :
3)  ./configure -openmp -amberlib gnu
It shows This error :Error: unknown flag: -amberlib
    Type './configure -help' for options.
Configure failed due to the errors above!

Now What should I do ??Plz Help me

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