[AMBER] Error with installation, amber 17 on centos server

From: Praneeth Bommisetti <iampraneeth11.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 22:46:03 +0530

Hello Amber users,

  I am Praneeth from India and I have recently tried to install Amber 17
(license) along with the Ambertools17 on a server running on Centos 6.6

After configuring using './configure gnu', I gave command 'make install'
and I have received the following output, from which I assumed the
compilation was successful. I couldn't directly download the miniconda via
amber but I have manually uploaded the miniconda directory into the
amber16 directory located in the server. And subsequently I have used this
python to compile the source code.

*Installation of Amber16 (serial) is complete at Tue Dec 12 22:17:30 IST
2017.make[1]: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be
incomplete.make[1]: Leaving directory
`/home/rajaraman/ASMITA/amber16/src'make: warning: Clock skew detected.
Your build may be incomplete.*

In order to run test calculation, on serial version I have ran the
following code located in /trest


Which unfortunately give the following result:

*Error: Could not import Amber Python modules! Probably your Amber
Python environment was not set up correctly.We recommend adding the line:
test -f /home/rajaraman/ASMITA/amber16//amber.sh && source
/home/rajaraman/ASMITA/amber16//amber.sh (sh/bash/zsh)to your login shell
resource file (e.g., ~/.bashrc or ~/.cshrc)*

I have already added the above lines to the ~/.bashrc but still the same
error shows up.
I understand the there was some problem in setting up python environment,
therefore I checked the 'PATH' variable in the config.h and the value is

Kindly let me know, how to debug the error, any help would be appreciated

*Regards, *
*Praneeth Bommisetti, *
*Final year undergraduate,*
*Integrated M.Sc Chemistry, *
*Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.*
*T: +918424815358, id:praneeth.b.iitb.ac.in <id%3Apraneeth.b.iitb.ac.in>*
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