Re: [AMBER] How to add the deprotonated SER residue to the ff14SB leap library?

From: Pietro Aronica <>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 21:44:17 +0800

If you are missing parameters, you should add them via a .frcmod file.You can use the files in $AMBERHOME/dat/leap/parm as templates. Essentially, it has sections named MASS, BOND, ANGLE, DIHEDRAL, IMPROPER, and NONBON where you can add needed parameters.Once you have the file, you load it withloadamberparams yourfile.frcmod And your parameters should be there. Use the check command to ensure the are no more missing parameters. By the way, I suggest to use tleap over xleap. It doesn't have a graphical interface but it is less buggy and easier to use in my opinion.Hope that helps Pietro Aronica 
-------- Original message --------From: Michael Shokhen <> Date: 19/10/2017 20:42 (GMT+08:00) To: Subject: [AMBER] How to add the deprotonated SER residue to the ff14SB leap
Dear Amber experts,

Several days ago I have sent email to the AmberList asking for help with Amber tutorial A1
aimed at the addition of a non-standard amino acid residue to the Leap library.
My non-standard residue is SER with deprotonated O gamma atom.
I need to use this SER with anionic side residue O- atom in my MD simulations
of Michaelis complex of serine protease with substrate in frames of Amber16 ff14SB force field.
The previously reported problem was about the xleap graphical Table opening needed for
the setting of the RED generated atomic charges.
Prof. Case has kindly answered my question. He advised me to check that NumLock is
not set ON in my Linux system. That was indeed the situation – NumLock was set ON.
When I set it OFF the Xleap opened the Table for settings of the atomic charges of the
residue in question. Anyway, the Xleap didn’t transfer previously defined in Xleap the
inter-atomic connectivity data and by RED generated atomic charges to the lib file.
Working the problem around I have added manually directly to the lib file the missed charges
and the connectivity data between residue atoms. Nevertheless, I have failed to get
the parameters prmtop file for my non-standard residue. Tleap has reported that some
angle parameters are absent. I have examined and compared the structure of the lip file
of my non-standard deprotonated SER residue with the standard SER residue in the
amber/dat/leap/lib/amino14ipq.lib file. The architecture of my lib file was identical to the standard one.
In fact, he reported by tleap missed angle parameters are not collected in the lib file generated
following the A1 tutorial. The angle parameters are collected in the amber/dat/leap/parm directory files.
Unfortunately, the A1 tutorial says nothing how to define such parameters for the non-standard residue.
I think that the only way for me to resolve the problem with the deprotonated ionized SER is the direct
addition this non-standard residue to the parameter libraries of the ff14SB force field.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this.
Amber manual does not contain any practical protocol illustrated by clear and detailed examples for doing this.
I would appreciate if you will address me to any detailed protocol relevant to my task.

Many thanks,

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