Re: [AMBER] System preparation for protein with Multiple Zn-CCCC

From: Parthiban Marimuthu <>
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2017 16:58:49 -0400


I think you have mistaken.
For the protein that i am working with, it is more appropriate to follow
ZAFF tutorial.

Except the fact that, its got two metal centre, like i explained in my
previous email, 2 times (Zn-CCCC) of Metal centre type 1. For Eg. pls find
attached the protein model.

The tutorial works fine for one Zn-CCCC metal centre. I am seeking to apply
the same for more than one of same metal centre type.

Any suggestions..?

Best, Parthiban.

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> From: Amani Eshtiwi <>
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> Hi Parthiban
> You can use the tool of AmberTools 16 or 17. I used it for my
> protein which also has two zinc ions though with coordinating residues
> other than cysteine. It is easy to use and you can follow the Amber
> tutorial available here
> Regards
> Amani

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