[AMBER] Amber16/DFTB and bromine

From: Amani Eshtiwi <eshtiwia2017.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 19:32:01 +0000

Dear users

I am running a QM/MM calculation using Amber16 and DFTB as the QM theory.
The QM region includes a bromine atom. The calculation suspends without
writing any restart files. The out file does not show any error messages.
When I excluded the bromine atom from the QM region the calculation runs
successfully! The same calculation with bromine ran successfully when I
used PM3. Anyone encountered the same problem? Is there any special way to
deal with nonstandard atoms when using DFTB? I also have the same problem
with my Zinc-containing protein when I include Zinc atoms in the QM region.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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