[AMBER] -rem flags in string method with swarms of trajectories amber

From: Chunli Yan <utchunliyan.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2017 17:49:22 -0400


Could anyone tell me which value of -rem flags I can specify in string
method with swarms of trajectories below:

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 00.in -o remd.mdout.00 -c 00.rst -r
remd.rst.00 -x remd.mdcrd.00 -inf remd.mdinfo.00 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 01.in -o remd.mdout.01 -c 01.rst -r
remd.rst.01 -x remd.mdcrd.01 -inf remd.mdinfo.01 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 02.in -o remd.mdout.02 -c 02.rst -r
remd.rst.02 -x remd.mdcrd.02 -inf remd.mdinfo.02 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 03.in -o remd.mdout.03 -c 03.rst -r
remd.rst.03 -x remd.mdcrd.03 -inf remd.mdinfo.03 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 04.in -o remd.mdout.04 -c 04.rst -r
remd.rst.04 -x remd.mdcrd.04 -inf remd.mdinfo.04 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 05.in -o remd.mdout.05 -c 05.rst -r
remd.rst.05 -x remd.mdcrd.05 -inf remd.mdinfo.05 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 06.in -o remd.mdout.06 -c 06.rst -r
remd.rst.06 -x remd.mdcrd.06 -inf remd.mdinfo.06 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 07.in -o remd.mdout.07 -c 07.rst -r
remd.rst.07 -x remd.mdcrd.07 -inf remd.mdinfo.07 -p dna.top

-O -rem 0 -remlog rem.log -i 08.in -o remd.mdout.08 -c 08.rst -r
remd.rst.08 -x remd.mdcrd.08 -inf remd.mdinfo.08 -p dna.top

I checked amber manual:

*-rem <#> *This flag defines the type of replica exchange that will be run
for 1-D REMD. The allowed values are 1 (T-REMD), 3 (H-REMD), and 4



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