[AMBER] Molecular Modelling Workshop: March 27-29, 2017 in Erlangen, Germany

From: Dr. Anselm Horn <anselm.horn.fau.de>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 09:20:22 +0100

Dear list subscribers,

we are very happy to announce that also this year, the traditional
Molecular Modelling Workshop in Erlangen takes place on

            March, Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th, 2017.

Starting on Monday after lunch should allow to avoid travelling on
weekend keeping the expenses at a minimum. This time, the scientific
program of the meeting is conducted by Dr. Stefan Guessregen,
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH. As usual, the workshop is organised by
the German Section of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society
(MGMS-DS e.V.).

The workshop encourages young scientists - especially graduate students
- to present and discuss their research topics. Young scientists at the
beginning of their academic careers will be able to meet new colleagues
from academia and gain feedback from industrial colleagues.

Oral and poster contributions are welcome from all areas of molecular
modeling - from the life sciences, computational biology and chemistry,
cheminformatics, to materials sciences.

####### Plenary Speakers #######

Over the last few decades computational chemistry, molecular modelling,
and chemoinformatics became more and more an integral part of research
in various areas of the chemical industry and at universities. A lot of
new tools and new approaches together with a huge increase in computer
power facilitates this development. We are very happy to announce that
three outstanding researchers from academia and industry accepted our
invitation to present a plenary lecture at the workshop:

Focal Topic "Molecular Modelling in a Pharma Environment":

Richard Lewis, Novartis, Basel
"25 years in Pharma: What has changed in the industry since 1991?"

Focal Topic "Modelling in Toxicology/Polypharmacology/Preclinical

Jordi Mestres, U of Barcelona
"Systems Approaches to Drug Safety"

Focal Topic "MD Simulations/Computational Biochemistry":

Mark Sansom, U of Oxford
"Protein-Membrane Interactions Viewed Through a Computational

####### Poster and Lecture Awards #######

As in the past years, there will be two poster awards of EUR 100 each
and three lecture awards for the best contributed oral presentations:

1st winner: Travel bursary to attend the Young Modeller's Forum in
London, UK, plus a speaker slot option at YMF (travel expenses are
reimbursed up to EUR 500)
2nd winner: EUR 200 travel expenses reimbursement
3rd winner: EUR 100 travel expenses reimbursement

Only undergraduate and graduate research students qualify for the
poster and lecture awards.

####### Registration #######

As every year, an interesting and successful workshop depends on your
contributions! Therefore let me invite you to submit talks and/or poster
titles via the registration form accessible on the workshop website


This website will provide all necessary information about the meeting!
The deadline for all submissions is February 24th, 2017.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Erlangen soon!

-Stefan Guessregen
Scientific Committe Workshop Organisation 2017

-Harald Lanig
Chairman of the MGMS-DS e.V.

 PD Dr. Harald Lanig       Universitaet Erlangen/Nuernberg
 Zentralinstitut fuer Scientific Computing (ZISC)
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 Fon   +49 9131-85 20781   harald.lanig.fau.de
 Fax   +49 9131-85 20785   http://www.zisc.uni-erlangen.de
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