[AMBER] Failed to solvate the molecule during the TUTORIAL A8

From: Nikolay N. Kuzmich <nnkuzmich.gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2016 14:18:49 +0300

Dear Amber users,

when I tried to solvate pdb structure using the command
"solvateBox mol WATBOX216 10",
I always received an error message:

solvateBox: Argument #2 is type String must be of type: [unit]
usage: <solute> <solvent> <buffer> [iso] [closeness]

With solute, solvent and buffer it's all clear,
but what extra variables does Amber (14) need?

Thank you in advance,
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Received on Tue Jul 26 2016 - 04:30:03 PDT
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