Re: [AMBER] Steered Molecular Dynamics

From: bharat gupta <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:00:26 +0900

Hello Amber Users,

Can anybody explain me the meaning of the following input file used for a
SMD run?

#Reaction coordinate
#Dist H3OH-Os, Os-S, S-N y HN-Owat
&rst iat=4536,3483,3483,3482,3482,3487,3488,19505, rstwt=-1,1,-1,-1,
r2=-6.09, rk2=200, r2a=-2.0, /

H3OH-Os, Os-S, HN-Owat : involves bond break and atom transfer
S-N : involves bond formation

*Best Regards*
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