Re: [AMBER] GTX980Ti's now supported for AMBER and Exxact GTX780Tis available at discounted prices

From: David Abia <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:15:34 +0200

Hi Ross,

I've one of those buggy/unstable GTX780Ti, probably affected by the
insufficient CAS refresh voltage problem. Following your clue that a
modified BIOS can circumvent it, I've found a GPU BIOS tweaker that
allow to mess around with some voltages and frequencies. The original
post is in german:

here a rough google translation:

It doesn't look like that it allows directly to change the CAS refresh
voltage, but I wonder if underclocking a bit the memory frequency,
could help and make it more stable. What do you think about it?, letting
apart the risky business of tinkering with a GPU's BIOS...


El 21/07/15 a las 02:16, Ross Walker escribió:
> Hi All,
> I just wanted to let everyone know that I finished validating the GTX980Ti today and all appears to be good and stable. I have updated the AMBER GPU page with 980Ti benchmarks and listed it as a supported GPU: - they sit about mid way between the 980 and the Titan-X.
> I have also recently finished working with Exxact on a custom bios that circumvents the hardware flaws in the GTX780Ti line of cards which were not previously usable with AMBER. The cards are now stable for CUDA workloads including AMBER and Exxact have a large number of them available, with full warranty, at heavily discounted prices. I have added 780Ti benchmark numbers to the website for those that are interested.
> All the best
> Ross
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