Re: [AMBER] Error during action on loaded multiple trajectory in cpptraj 15

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 02:16:49 +0530

​Hi Daniel,

parm 0system/md_out/
parm 10system/md_out/
parm 20system/md_out/
parm 30system/md_out/
parm 40system/md_out/
parm 50system/md_out/

#load trajectory

trajin 0system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_0SPC.crd
trajin 10system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_10SPC.crd parmindex 1
trajin 20system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_20SPC.crd parmindex 2
trajin 30system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_30SPC.crd parmindex 3
trajin 40system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_40SPC.crd parmindex 4
trajin 50system/md_out/md_file/6_md5_50SPC.crd parmindex 5

#Action command

strip :SPC outprefix nowater

trajout ura_0SPC.crd
trajout ura_10SPC.crd parmindex 1
trajout ura_20SPC.crd parmindex 2
trajout ura_30SPC.crd parmindex 3
trajout ura_40SPC.crd parmindex 4
trajout ura_50SPC.crd parmindex 5

The above combination of command is working perfectly but I am getting more
no of frame from input frame. Except one last system.
All the system have 2500 frame, summary of output frame is given below
                                           output frame
trajout ura_0SPC.crd 17500
trajout ura_10SPC.crd 15000
trajout ura_20SPC.crd 12500
trajout ura_30SPC.crd 10000
trajout ura_40SPC.crd 10000
trajout ura_50SPC.crd 2500

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