[AMBER] Amber14 compatibilty with GTX-760 GPU card

From: Elvis Martis <elvis_bcp.elvismartis.in>
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2015 09:16:37 +0530

I am trying to build a small GPU based workstation, currently due to lack
of enough funds I decided to look for cards which are not too expensive and
found GTX-760 which was just right for my budget.
But I unable to ensure that whether Amber14 is compatible with it?
Could someone throw some light on it??
I apologize if this was answered in recent past for someone else.
Thanks a ton in advance.
Elvis A. F. Martis
Graduate Student
Molecular Simulations Group
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Bombay College of Pharmacy
[University of Mumbai]
Kalina, SantaCruz [E]
Mumbai 400098
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Group website: www.profeccoutinho.net.in
Alternate email: elvis.profeccoutinho.net.in
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