[AMBER] Problem in Radial command

From: Robin Jain <robinjain.chem.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 11:13:01 +0530

Dear All amber users,
I am simulating a organic molecule in 128 methanol and i want to calculate
RDF between Methanol_oxygen to methanol_oxygen. For this i used following

trajin x.mdcrd
radial rdf-moh-O-O.dat 0.1 8 :MOH.O1 :MOH.O1 volume intrdf int-moh-o-o.dat

this input give good RDF but a very poor integration N(r) upto in hundreds
. I am using CPPTRAJ 13.24 with all updates.What is the problem behind
this. Please help me in this regard.

Thanking You.

Robin Jain
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