Re: [AMBER] Converting Gromacs topology files to Amber format

From: Sarah Witzke <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 13:46:59 +0000

Hi Jason,

I am testing some things and I wanted to take advantage of this new functionality in ParmEd (great by the way :-)).
I can figure out how to use grobmer to go from grimaces .top to amber .prmtop, but how do I go the other way?
Is there some general info on the ParmEd github that I haven’t found?

All the best,
> On 04 Jun 2015, at 14:33, Jason Swails <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> There have been a couple questions in recent months regarding the
> conversion of Gromacs topology files to Amber format.
> This functionality now exists in the latest version of ParmEd available
> online at in the "gromber" action in
> If you have questions about this functionality, please feel free to open an
> issue on the issue tracker at
> For what it's worth, this code also includes functionality to go the other
> way (i.e., Amber prmtop/inpcrd to Gromacs top/gro).
> All the best,
> Jason
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