[AMBER] cpptraj matrix dist modifications

From: Gard Nelson <Gard.Nelson.NantBio.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 18:59:19 +0000

Hi all,

I'm trying to modify the "dist" function of cpptraj's matrix command. I modified the CalcDistanceMatrix function (lines 384-397 of Action_Matrix.cpp) to the following: (new code in bold)

void Action_Matrix::CalcDistanceMatrix(Frame const& currentFrame) {
  DataSet_MatrixDbl::iterator mat = ((DataSet_MatrixDbl*)Mat_)->begin();
  double dst;
  if (!useMask2_) {
    // Upper Triangle
    for (AtomMask::const_iterator atom2 = mask1_.begin(); atom2 != mask1_.end(); ++atom2)
      for (AtomMask::const_iterator atom1 = atom2; atom1 != mask1_.end(); ++atom1)
        dst = sqrt(DIST2_NoImage(currentFrame.XYZ(*atom2), currentFrame.XYZ(*atom1)));
        *(mat++) += dst;
  } else {
    // Full matrix
    for (AtomMask::const_iterator atom2 = mask2_.begin(); atom2 != mask2_.end(); ++atom2)
      for (AtomMask::const_iterator atom1 = mask1_.begin(); atom1 != mask1_.end(); ++atom1)
        dst = sqrt(DIST2_NoImage(currentFrame.XYZ(*atom2), currentFrame.XYZ(*atom1)));
        *(mat++) += dst;

The function I want to implement uses the distance in several places, so making multiple calls to DIST2_NoImage slows things down dramatically. All I intended to do with the above code is assign the distance to a variable and then add that variable to the matrix. I could then use that variable (dst) wherever it's needed.

However, making this change results in the output matrix having a small value in the (1,1) position and being uniformly 0 everywhere else, which is not the functionality I expected. I am stumped over why the change I made isn't transparent and would greatly appreciate any help in making the code work.

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