[AMBER] error using the lipidorder command

From: Sylvester Tumusiime <stumusii.uno.edu>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 15:49:34 +0000

   Dear Amber members,

   I noticed a typo on page 577 for the lipidorder command of Aber 2015
   reference manual:

 order out sn1.dat z taildist e2e_sn1.dat delta 0.1 \
           tailstart ":POPC.C32" tailend ":POPC.C316" \

           ":POPC.C32" ":POPC.C33" ":POPC.C34" ":POPC.C35" \
           ":POPC.C36" ":POPC.C37" ":POPC.C38" ":POPC.C39" \
           ":POPC.C310" ":POPC.C311" ":POPC.C312" ":POPC.C313" \
           ":POPC.C314" ":POPC.C315" ":POPC.C316"
I think that it should be "lipidorder" not "order". This is because i tried to
run it as the example had it but i kept getting errors. When i changed it to "l
ipidorder" all was fine.
I guess it is self explanatory but just in case someone has had some errors try
 the above fix.
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