[AMBER] CpHMD for Ser residue?

From: Michael Shokhen <michael.shokhen.biu.ac.il>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 13:39:18 +0300

Dear Amber list members,

I need to apply the amber CpHMD algorithm for pKa prediction and analysis
of Ser residues in protein.
What is a nickname of Ser used by this procedure and should I
define any additional parameters for Ser there?
Unfortunately I failed to find the answer in CpHMD tutorials
as well as in the Amber15 user manual.

Thank you,

Michael Shokhen, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Bar Ilan University,
Ramat Gan, 52900
email: michael.shokhen.gmail.com
email: shokhen.mail.biu.ac.il
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