[AMBER] combinatorial library

From: Hector A. Baldoni <hbaldoni.unsl.edu.ar>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2015 21:22:05 -0300 (ARGSL-ST)

Dear Amber users,

I am trying to build a combinatorial library of several organic
derivatives build from diferent structural moieties.
In the attached example, the final compound is formed by IZ9-RT1-DEA and
in this compound an H is missing because will bind covalently to some
My question is why when I write the PDB file of the whole compound from
its lib file, tleap include a TER record in between IZ9 and RT1 ?
Why not two TER records ? one in between IZ9-RT1 and the other in between
RT1-DEA, or why not any TER records ?
Files are attached.

I am making something wrong, all suggestions are very wellcome !

 Dr. Hector A. Baldoni
 Area de Quimica General e Inorganica
 Universidad Nacional de San Luis
 Chacabuco 917 (D5700BWS)
 San Luis - Argentina
 hbaldoni at unsl dot edu dot ar
 Tel.:+54-(0)266-4520300 ext. 6157

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