Re: [AMBER] R: Group defining heavy atoms

From: Thomas Exner <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:01:16 +0100

Dear Alessandro:

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, this is not possible in my case
since the restraintmask would be more than 256 characters long.
Therefore, the older group specification is the only possibility without
recompiling the code.


Alessandro Contini schrieb:
> Hi Thomas,
> this can be done by using the ambmask syntax. I.e., if you want to add restraints to heavy atoms the command is
> restraintmask='!.H='
> You can also limit this to a specific residue or groups of residues by using logical operators, i.e. ':1-10 & !.H=' will select heavy atoms of residues 1-10
> Regards
> Alessandro
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> <div>-------- Messaggio originale --------</div><div>Da: Thomas Exner <> </div><div>Data:21/01/2015 18:20 (GMT+01:00) </div><div>A: AMBER Mailing List <> </div><div>Oggetto: [AMBER] Group defining heavy atoms </div><div>
> </div>Dear AMBER users and developer:
> Just a short question: Is there an easy way for a group definition of
> all heavy atoms in a residue?
> Thanks.
> Thomas

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