Re: [AMBER] Amber for beginner

From: Raman Parkesh <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2014 08:31:55 +0530

In addition to Jonathan suggestion about excellent amber tutorial, I would
like to point to below publication from Ross, one of the principal amber
developer. It provides step-by-step introduction to protein-ligand MD
simulation. Hope it helps.


Nurisso, A., Daina, A., Walker, R.C., "A Practical Introduction to
Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Applications to Homology Modeling", Ed. A.
Orry, Springer, Methods in Molecular Biology Series, 2012, vol 857, ISBN

On 15 October 2014 05:51, Suraya Abdul Sani <>

> Hi guys! In a desperate need for help. Yet i am about to finish phd. My sv
> just add one more work and i dont have any idea about it. Well, can you
> guys give tutorial or any link on tutorial as i am working with
> protein-inhibitor docking . So i need MD simulation result to validate
> this.
> Plus tutorial on how to analyse data as well.
> P/s: if u guys know any one who did thia service please let me know. I am
> in desperate need
> --
> Suraya Abdul Sani
> 013-3613711
> Sarawak
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