Re: [AMBER] On the usage of the position restrains during equilibration

From: James Starlight <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 22:31:33 +0400


many thanks for suggestion. But during amber workshop it has been mentioned
that system should been heated in NVT initially. In this regards should
the total workflow be
1) NVT (heating. system with applied posres on protein),
2) NPT (equilibration, system with applied posres on protein). <- what
should be provided in input file for better stabilization of box volume?
How much time water-soluble system should be equilibration? What outputs in
log should be checked (I've always find big fluctuations in reassure with
any barostat used) ?
3) NVT (production, free protein)- barostat turned off

Will such approach (production in nvt instead of npt) be suitable for
membrane protein simulation as well?


2014-06-20 19:36 GMT+04:00 Bill Ross <>:

> For what it's worth, I thought NVT is preferred for production and NPT to
> equilibrate volume. Since NVT is faster and less artificial than scaling
> the box to affect pressure.
> Bill
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> From: James Starlight <>
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> Subject: [AMBER] On the usage of the position restrains during
> equilibration
> Dear Amber users!
> >From the Amber tutorials I've learn that initial heating should be always
> done in NVT and production run in any desired ensemble. Supposing I'm
> using NPT for production run performing 100ps NVT pre-equilibration of my
> water-soluble system with applied position restrains on all atoms of my
> protein. Should I do a short NPT equilibration as well (taking all outputs
> from the previous NVT) with the such position restrains applied to the
> protein (as I've found in the Gromacs tutorials). What fluctuation to the
> system might be introduced by its initial coupling with the Monte Carlo
> barostat (for instance seriously deforming protein conformations during
> beginning of the NPT phase if pos.res on protein atoms have not been
> applied) ?
> TFH,
> James
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