Re: [AMBER] Glycophosphate parametrization using GLYCAM

From: FyD <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 08:34:08 +0200

Dear Raj,

You could use the building block approach and R.E.D. Server Dev./PyRED


A phosphate group contains a negative total charge: I would vote for
splitting each monosaccharide and the phosphate into two different
building blocks involved in charge derivation...

regards, Francois

> we want to use the GLYCAM forcefield for phosphorylated carbohydrates. The
> lastest AMBER manual mentions in the table on page 36 that phospate
> parameters exist in the GLYCAM force field, and it seems that there is
> published work "out there" that uses such parameters. However, we could
> not apply the phospate derivate button on the GLYCAM carbohydrate builder,
> whereas the sulfate, acetyl or methyl groups seem to work flawlessly. Can
> we somehow use the builder or do we need to derive our own parameters? Can
> somebody give us a tip on how to get started?

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