Re: [AMBER] cudaMemcpy GpuBuffer::Download failed unspecified launch failure

From: filip fratev <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 01:48:49 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ross and all,
The problems with my GTX 780Ti SC continued and are real disaster. I tried on a new system and it crash very often (every 1 000 000 steps, if I am lucky I can get 10-15ns). ntf=1 seems to improve the situation but it is not a general solution. No problems with the GTX Titan on the same system. Should I test the card on some other PC? Should I downclock the GPU? Is it possible this to be Amber/Nvidia driver related problem? I was wondering should I have to and whether is possible to ask EVGA for RMA? They can say just ..this is a gaming card :( Anyone with similar problems and GTX 780Ti?


 On 12/21/13 11:23 AM, "Ross Walker" <>
>Hi Filip,
>This was always my worry with the Ti cards (they are
 clocked rather high)
>which is why I haven't put the numbers up yet on the
 AMBER website. Let me
>send you off list a validation suite to run that will
 test if the cards
>have issues or not.
>You have just 2 cards in a box yes (same for the Titan
>All the best
>On 12/21/13 11:08 AM, "filip fratev" <>
>>Hi all,
>>Just to inform you that I observed two random
 crashes of GTX 780Ti SC
>>with "cudaMemcpy GpuBuffer::Download failed
 unspecified launch failure"
>>error during the last 2 weeks. No problems with the
 same system on GTX
>>Titan. Should I make some memory test on this GPU?
 What might be the
>>problem? Has anyone experienced similar problem
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