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From: Daniel Roe <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 14:44:32 -0700


The CpptrajPairDist file is binary; the exact format depends on what
version of cpptraj generated the file (since earlier versions had no
concept of 'sieve'). The CpptrajPairDist file starts with a 4 byte header
containing the characters 'C' 'T' 'M' followed by the version number. A
quick way to figure out the version is to use the linux 'od' command to
output the first 4 bytes as hexadecimal, e.g.:

$ od -t x1 -N 4 CpptrajPairDist
0000000 43 54 4d 02

So the CpptrajPairDist file version in the above example is 2.

The next few numbers describe the matrix size and depend on the version.

Version 0: Two 4-byte integers: # of rows and # of elements.
Version 1: Two 8-byte unsigned integers (equivalent to size_t on most
systems): # of rows and # of elements.
Version 2: Three 8 byte unsigned integers: original # of rows, actual # of
rows, and sieve value.

This is followed by the actual matrix data, stored as a single array of
floats (4 bytes). For versions 1 and 2 the number of elements is explicitly
stored. For version 2, to calculate the number of matrix elements you need
to read:

Elements = (actual_rows * (actual_rows - 1)) / 2

The cluster pair-distance matrix is an upper-right triangle matrix without
the diagonal (in row-major order), so the first element is the distance
between elements 0 and 1, the second is between elements 0 and 2, etc.

In version 2 files, if the sieve value is greater than 1 that means
original_rows > actual_rows and there is an additional array of characters
original_nrows long, with 'T' if the row is being ignored (i.e. it was
sieved out) and 'F' if the row is active (i.e. is active in the actual
pairwise-distance matrix).

The code that cpptraj uses to read in CpptrajPairDist files is in
ClusterMatrix::LoadFile() (ClusterMatrix.cpp). Let me know if you have more


On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 12:37 PM, JAIME RUBIO MARTINEZ

> I want to use the CpptrajPairDist file from the cluster savepairdist
> command of cpptraj
> to analyse the RMSD distance matrix, but I do not know how to extract the
> data.
> can anyone give me info on the format of this file?
> Thanks
> Jaime
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