Re: [AMBER] Does anyone know which parameter controls the wavenumber related to the Helmholtz equation

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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 08:11:45 -0800

 The only difference between the helmholtz and poisson equation is an
additional constant term. In the case of the linearized PB equation, if
salt concentration is set to zero, its just poisson's equation. If salt
concentration is greater than zero, then the linearized PB is actually
just a helmholtz equation.
To have iccg solve helmoholtz equation, you just set the salt
concentration to something greater than zero
> Hi, all:
> i'm trying to compute the Helmholtz equation using the pb_iccg. I'm
> wondering if any one knows which parameter is set to control the constant
> wavenumber.
> Thanks a lot!
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