[AMBER] Difference between the .crd file format in AMBER-7 and AMBER-12

From: anu chandra <anu80125.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 13:10:19 +0530

Dear AMBER users,

I am trying to use the Amber crd trajectories in Gromacs. Here, Gromcas use
the VMD molfile pulgin for reading the crd files. From the plugin details,
I came to know that the pulgin reads .crd files with AMBER7 format and I
could not able to use the plugin for reading the .crd files ( generated
with AMBER 12) in Gromcas. As a trial run, when I convert the .crd file to
.binpos file in VMD, Gromcas successfully read the file with the help of
respective plugin in VMD. I wonder is there any difference between the .crd
file format in AMBER-7 and AMBER-12?

Many thanks
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