Re: [AMBER] Modified Cysteine

From: FyD <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2013 17:17:42 +0200

Dear Devlina,

> I need to work with a protein with two S-Hydroxy Cysteine residues (CSO) ,
> how do I create a topology file for such a structure? Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.

I looked at

I think you need to find out what is the PKa value for this sulfenic
acid group
I do not know if you need to consider the sulfenate:
or the sulfoxyde (which can be potentially asymmetric)...

then, you could use R.E.D. Server

You could send a private assistance to request that the data generated
by R.E.D. Server/R.E.D. IV are post-processed by using R.E.D. Python
for atom typing... You will have to parameterize the sulfenic_acid
and/or sulfenate functions as well.

regards, Francois

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