Re: [AMBER] RED-vIII52 problems...

From: FyD <>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 16:47:46 +0200

Dear Julio,

> Francois, thank for your help. It seems that my problem is the
> gaussian revision. I am running B.01.I'll update it later to day and
> confirm that it works.

You can also use g03 or even g98 - even g94 should work if you replace
g94 by g98 in the source code ;-) all versions should work, but g09
B.01 ;-)

R.E.D. Python does better check the presence of the MEP in the
Gaussian output, and should stop when g09 B.01 is interfaced; We could
provide a patch for R.E.D. III.52 to prevent the use of g09 B.01, but
we stopped the developments of R.E.D. Perl...

You can also use R.E.D. Server/R.E.D. IV, where you can choose between
g03 E.01 and g09 C.01. We plan to upgrade g09 to g09 D.01 for R.E.D.

> As for the perl modules, I think those are properly installed. They
> gave trouble initially but it was easy to troubleshoot.


regards, Francois

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