[AMBER] configure problem during installation

From: vaibhav dixit <vaibhavadixit.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 14:10:26 +0530

Dear Amber community members,
I'm trying to install Amber12 on Opensuse 12.1
I'm following the following procedure, everything is fine till I reach
./configure gnu step.

This step is supposed to complete in a few seconds, isn't it?
But its not moving anywhere after that. I have checked my internet
connection and the speed is reasonable.
Please suggest me what could be the reason for the install to get stuck at
this step and how can I do the configure and make steps without having to
go online?

Thanks in advance.

tar jxvf AmberTools12.tar.bz2
tar jxvf Amber12.tar.bz2
cd amber12
export AMBERHOME=`pwd`
./patch_amber.py --update-tree
./configure gnu
Checking for updates...

With regards
Vaibhav A. Dixit
Ph.D. Scholar
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Natl. Inst. Pharm. Edu. & Res. (NIPER)
Sector 67, Phase X,  S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali)
Punjab -160 062 INDIA
Phone (Mobile): +919915214408
E-mail: vaibhavadixit.gmail.com
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