Re: [AMBER] Can not find dhfr containing 23,558 atoms in AMBER

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 10:11:59 +0200

Dear Xiaofang,

There is a link provided to the benchmark files on the website you

This contains all the files you need.

All the best

On 10/9/12 5:18 AM, "╠Ҥ■Ě╝" <> wrote:

>When I use Amber(PMEMD) to retest the benchmarks which Amber posted on
>the website,, I can not find dhfr
>which contains 23,558 atoms in Amber12 and AmberTools12 source code, on
>the other hand, I find dhfr which contains 22930 or 2489 atoms and so on.
>Would you please give me some advice to find the dhfr which you use in
>the benchmarks.
>Thank you for your attention. Wish to receive your apply.
>Best regardsúí
> Xiaofang Tao
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