[AMBER] RESP charge derivation

From: shomesankar bhunia <rightclickatrighttime.gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 14:49:34 -0400

 while trying derive the RESP charges through RED-III.5. I am getting the
following error. I have provided the mol_red1.p2n and the mol_red1.log
(gaussian output) properly but still i am getting this error. I have
Amber11 tools installed in my pc. can anyone please help me out to resolve
this issue..Thanks in advance

* Selected optimization output *
    Optimization OUTPUT looks nice !

     * 1 conformation(s) selected *

  A 2nd column of atom names is detected
        This 2nd column will be used in the PDB (& Tripos) file(s)

 No three atom based re-orientation found in the P2N file
     Re-orientation will be done according to the GAUSSIAN Algorithm!

        * Selected QM Software *

         * Software checking *
   Gaussian [ NOT FOUND ]
   resp [ NOT FOUND ]

ERROR: Some program(s) cannot be executed

Execution time: 0 h 0 m 0 s
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