(unknown charset) [AMBER] polarizable force field

From: (unknown charset) 旭东 肖 <xiaoxudoo.msn.cn>
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 13:46:13 +0000

 Hi,all I would like to know whether the pol12 force field (parmpol12.dat) in the 'amber12/dat/leap/parm' directory is the new polarizable ff developed from DUAN (publication: J.Phys.Chem.B 2012,116,7088-7101) or an update version of original 2002 polarizable ff . I also found a polarizable ff (parm11pol.dat) in the 'amber12/test/test_leap_ff11' directory, can anyone tell me their relations ? Thank you in advance! Xiao Xudong ECNU
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