Re: [AMBER] Ala double mutation scans

From: Dwight McGee <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 11:01:18 -0400


If you wanted to make multiple mutations, the *perl version* of MMPBSA does
allow for this. If you instead wanted to use the *python version* of MMPBSA
and run a double alanine scanning calculation it would in essence take two
steps. Step 1 would be mutating one residue to Ala and allowing to
make the mutant mdcrd. Step 2 would be taking the new mutant mdcrd created
in the previous step and reading it into using the (-y) flag ( be
sure to use the correct topology files matching the mutant mdcrd) so
therefore it will make the second mutant mdcrd, which will in essence have
the double mutation you want. The tricky part is that you will have to
create two new topology files, one containing the single mutation and the
other one that has the double mutation. Hopefully this should work.

2011/7/6 Jesper Sørensen <>

> Hey all,
> I know that isn’t set up for double ala-scanning calculation, but
> wouldn’t I be able to make the required files manually and then just feed
> these into using the right keywords in the input file?
> I know that double mutations are probably stretching the methods accuracy
> quite a bit as two mutations close together will probably alter the
> dynamics, but I’d like to give it a go anyways.
> Are there alternative ways to do it? Like running one ala scan calculation
> and then running a second one on the “new” trajectories formed by
> And then just adding up the results?
> Best regards,
> Jesper
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