[AMBER] Problems Compiling Amber10

From: Gordon Freeman <gfreeman.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 12:02:52 -0500

Hello :)

A few months ago, our research group acquired an Amber license for
both Amber11 and Amber10 (amber10 for use with the PLUMED plugin). We
have had no issues using Amber11 but the Amber10 installation resulted
in failures in many of the testing cases (compared to 0 failures for
the Amber11). Note that the Amber10 installation problems were
encountered doing a simple installation of Amber10 alone; this
installation was not done with the PLUMED plugin so we can rule out
PLUMED as the source of the error. These errors also occurred in
spite of using the bugfix.all file located athttp://ambermg.org/bugfixes10.html
. Is there a common reason for such faulty installations? Perhaps an
incompatibility between AmberTools and Amber10 or something like this
we should be aware of?

It would be optimal if the PLUMED package interfaced with Amber11 but
as this is not yet the case, we would love to get Amber10 up and
running for our research needs. Any advice you might have for getting
Amber10 running properly would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Gordon Freeman
Research Assistant
Molecular Dynamics and Statistical Mechanics Research Group
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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