Re: [AMBER] Does anyone know a screening program of hardware validity for GeForce GTX board?

From: Scott Le Grand <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 10:26:04 -0700

This is an NTP simulation or an NTP simulation with constraints?

If so, it's likely to be a bug fixed in the soon-to-be-released patch. As
for the definition of soon, that's Ross's department...

2011/6/8 Hiromichi Tsurui <>

> Hi all,I ran MDs of about 60000 atoms using pmemd.cuda_SPDP with MSIís
> GTX580 1.5GB and other manufacturer's 3GB board. MDs with MSIís board
> always ran through 10 ns, 5000000 steps completely. However, otherís board
> often crashes presenting error message saying ďmax pairlist cutoff must be
> less than unit cell max sphere radiusĒ. Of course I patched bugfix all. I
> think the difference of memory 1.5GB and 3.0GB does not affect on this
> case.
> I am afraid a slight hardware flaw in phantom caused this error. Does
> anyone
> know a program that detects detailed failure in GTX board? Or give any
> suggestion?Hiro
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