[AMBER] Residuegen Usage

From: Seungyeul Yoo <Seungyeul.Yoo.mssm.edu>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 18:26:03 -0400

Dear Amber Users,

I'm trying to use "residuegen" to split my ligand into smaller parts.

I have two questions.

1. "residuegen" requires two input files, xxx.ac and xxx.esp. I could easily get xxx.ac file from pdb file of the ligand.
But I have no idea how to get xxx.esp file with only pdb files.
Should I run any gaussian program to have gout and run "espgen"? Is that the only way to obtain esp files?

2. Can I use only one input file for "residuegen" to split multiple residues from one ligand?
If I want to split my small molecules into 3 parts (let's call them AAA, BBB, CCC), should I have three corresponding input files?
If I can use only one file to split one molecule into smaller residues, how should I specify them using SEP_BOND?

Please let me have your advices

Best regards,

Seungyeul Yoo, Ph.D Candidate
Department of Structural and Chemical Biology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
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New York, NY 10029
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