[AMBER] Using Intel compilers on AMD CPU

From: Bongkeun Kim <bkim.chem.ucsb.edu>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 20:10:48 -0700

Hello AMBER,

I have a compiled amber11 with intel compilers on a GPU cluster.
Recently we added new computing nodes with newer GPUs and AMD CPUs.
I have two questions.

1. In my GPU cluster, I have computing nodes
a) Intel CPUs and C1070 GPUs,
b) Intel CPUs and C2070 GPUs,
c) AMD CPUs and C2070 GPUs
260.19.44 version driver is installed in b and c ,
and 260.19.12 is installed in a(newest driver cannot be installed in
this node).
How do I compile AMBER GPU?
1) can I compile AMBER once on the head node and use the single exec
for al other node?
1-1) If so, is there any performance drawback on the newest GPU nodes?
1-2) I got this error on AMD CPU node from amber compiled by Intel compilers.
Fatal Error: This program was not built to run on the processor in
your system.
The allowed processors are: Intel(R) processors with Swing New
Instructions supp

2)if 1) is wrong, I think the only available compiler is GNU to share
all exec on different nodes. How is this GNU compiler compared with
the Intel?

Thank you.
Bongkeun Kim

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