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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 17:31:38 -0400 (EDT)


the crucial concept here is that Amber will use two end state prmtop
files, V0 and V1 to generate the actual intermediate, lambda-dependent,
states on the fly during the simulation. Your input files will therefore
be the same for all lambda-values (except clambda of course).

> 1. Step 1: removing charge on H6 of BNZ. The input file difference between
> V0 and V1 is the crgmask (except for clambda). What about intermediate
> steps? Should I use the same crgmask as V1, so that AMBER would know what
> atoms are associated with clambda transformation?

each step in that transformation, no matter at what lambda will have the
same crgmask in mdin.V0 and another one in mdin.V1

> 2. Similarly, what are crgmask and scmask supposed to be for the
> intermediate steps with clambda ranging from 0.1 to 0.9? And which prmtop
> file should these substeps be using?

crgmask and scmask define a whole transformation. they will not change
from lambda-window to lambda-window. Likewise, only the end state prmtops
must be supplied.

> 3. For solvation free energy calculation, is one prmtop file enough for
> both
> charge-removing and vdw-removing if softcore potential is applied?

no, a vdw-removing step always implies using two prmtop files.
Effectively, even for a charge-removal step, you use two different
topology/parameter sets but you need not build an extra prmtop and can use
crgmask instead.

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