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From: FCUP <Sílvia>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 11:11:30 +0000


well I tryed what you said: set in minimization input, for lambda=0.4 only,
maxcyc=400. In this case, the simulation ran without any problems until the
How can I interpret this?

Thanks in advance,

2011/2/8 <>

> Hi,
> hm, only minimizations are affected? but still, the code should not hang
> without an error message at all and especially not on only one process.
> Just out of curiosity, would a normal TI-MD work ok for one of the cases
> where the minimization fails? If you do say 300 steps of min and then
> start the MD? I know that's no solution, but would be interesting to
> see...
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