Re: [AMBER] Regarding NVIDIA Graphics Card

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 17:05:40 -0800

Hi Hirdesh,

> *2 GB PCle x 16 NVIDIA QUADRO FX 4000 *
> But I am afraid whether I can use it for high performance calculation as
> is mentioned in amber site as well that the amber compatibility is with
> Tesla series only. I am eager to know whether I can go for FX 4000 card or
> restrict myself to *NVIDIA c2070*. Is there any plan to optimize AMBER for
> FX 4000 series as well in future?

AMBER will run on any NVIDIA GPU that supports Hardware Revision 1.3 or
later. I.e. hardware double precision. Not sure where the FX4000 fits on
this but I think it should probably work fine. We have had some issues with
reliability of GeForce cards but have never properly tested the quadro
cards, mainly because they cost so much that you could just get a GeForce
and a Tesla instead in most cases. So I think you should just try it and
report how it goes. Running the deviceQuery command from the CUDA SDK will
tell you the hardware revision.

All the best

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