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From: Beale, John <John.Beale.stlcop.edu>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 07:06:26 -0600

I am trying to compute and plot the heavy atom rmsd for an 81-residue protein in an MD simulation. My ptraj input file is given below:

ptraj file.prmtop <<EOF
trajin file2.nc
rms first mass out spc_file.rms !.H= time 1.0

When I run this file the plotted output (of spc_file.rms) is a smooth curve (it looks exponential) going from an rms of 0 at t=0 and approaching y = 40. There is no structure at all in the curve. I am enclosing the plot file (spc_file.rms).

The rmsd curve for the alpha carbon atoms using a different ptraj script looks fine, giving me a plot that maximizes at about 1.5.

Would someone please look at my input file and tell me what might be wrong with it?



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