Re: [AMBER] Serious problem at specific time point

From: Hoshin Kim <>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 16:31:01 +0900

Dear AMBER specialists,

Thank you all.
I updated AMBER 11 with the latest bug-fixed version. Now I'm trying to
restart my simulation from the timestep which shows wrong results.
But I don't know how to extract restrt file well.
When I ran PTRAJ like as below to make restrt file, it lost their velocity
Trajin md.x 8200 8200 1
Trajout md_new.restrt restart

So, I changed some parameters in production MD protocol to get correct
NTX = 5 -> 1
Tempi = 300 -> 0
Irest =1 -> 0

After short time simulation using changed restart file and protocol, I
merged two trajectories (original 8.2ns + new 20ps ), then analyzed RMSd
plot. But slope was dropped down suddenly at merged point. ( I attached a
plotting data)

How can I get correct velocity, or
Could anyone tell me how can I restart simulation at middle of point with no
Thanks in advance,

Hoshin Kim,

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Ah, forgot about this.

The bugfix is already posted:



On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 6:09 PM, Thomas Cheatham III <> wrote:

> > When I calculated RMSd of catalytic domain of enzyme, slope was
> > suddenly soared at 4.8ns (I attached a plotting data). So I ran the
> > VMD to
> visualize
> > what happened at this point, as I attached, protein structure was
> suddenly
> > collapsed at that point !
> ...
> > This is my second try. This problem was occurred at almost same
> > point
> when I
> Let me guess: ascii trajectory, > 2 GB, trajectory was imaged/rms fit
> with ptraj from AmberTools prior to viewing it? This is a bug that
> plagued me until yesterday; fixed by Dan Roe and it is working it's
> way through the bugzilla chain and hopefully soon to the bugfix page...
> To get around this for now, use an earlier version of ptraj (amber10)
> or get the older standalone version from:
> --tec3
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