Re: [AMBER] POPC parameters

From: Hannes Loeffler <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 13:33:40 +0100

On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 14:57:27 +0300
"Vasillis Myrianthopoulos" <> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> As I am a rather new AMBER user, I don t know whether it is possible
> to simulate POPC bilayers. It could be straightforward to somebody,
> but I am not sure that there are any parameters for such lipids in
> AMBER. Are there?

B. Jojart and T.A. Martinek, J. Comput. Chem 28(2007), 2051. Your
problem with the AMBER simulation programs may, however, be the
pressure control.

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